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Aleigha Turns ONE | Venus Texas Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness!  Aleigha has gotten so big this year and is already turning ONE.  We had a blast photographing her Cake Smash here at the studio.   Mom chose to do Pink & White as primary colors and soft florals along with the cute naked cake.  Love how it all came together and matched all of her outfits!

Aleigha was not too sure about actually eating her cake but we had fun trying to get her to taste it.  She has the cutest little expressions and funny way of telling you no, I think I will pass on that. lol!  I adore her big eyes and how awesome they show up in her portraits.

Aleigha is one of our Baby Planners who is graduating from the program and it truly has been a joy to watch her grow this year.  She has learned to walk and it totally on the move and sitting up very very well on her own.

Here are just a few of my favorites from her session...

 Isn't she precious!!

and... we got some serious looks lol!

The cake is from Lovin' Oven; in Lancaster.  They always do such an amazing job!

and well we have to have one crying photo!  She was not too sure about this splash thing after the cake smash!  But with a little play time, she decided it was ok :) 

Thank you Smith family for trusting me to photograph your sweet little Aleigha.  She is precious and I hope you all enjoy celebrating her turning ONE!  Enjoy every moment and I look forward to photographing you and your family again soon.

Love & Laughter -



NO "Boo @ the Barn" and Medical Update...

Hey you guys!  I know it has been a while since I have sent out an ENews from the studio, but things have been a little busy around here.  As you know back in April my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and he has had two very successful surgeries to repair damage to his C5, healed up from that and started his treatment for the Myeloma.  He has done very well during this treatment phase and the myeloma has responded well.   He was originally scheduled to do treatments for 8 rounds and that would put us in the beginning of December.  However, it has responded so well that we are now at the place of preparing for his Bone Marrow Transplant.  His Myeloma on a recent bone marrow biopsy showed less than 1% myeloma in his body and his blood showed 0! We are super thrilled with that!  The bone marrow transplant is to get him to remission and to keep him there longer.  It is life giving!  We are praying for full remission and for his disease to continue to be responsive and kept at bay.  God has been so very present throughout this entire journey and we want others to know of His goodness and grace through our story.  

My husband has had all of his workup testing and we are actually just waiting on our schedule to start the transplant process.  What that will entail is us relocating for a period of time closer to Medical City Dallas.  As we are too far out should he need care right away.   His bone marrow transplant is an Auto meaning he will donate to himself.  How that is done is they have the disease way under control with treatment and when we begin he will be given some shots to encourage his baby stem cells in his blood to grow.  This will be given for four days.  Then on day five they will start harvesting and freezing his baby stem cells.  These are baby blood cells that don't know what they want to be yet.  (Like white blood cells, red blood cells or platelets)  These are all cancer free!  They will harvest anywhere from 3 - 5 days (each session is about 5 hours)  Then once they get enough stem cells for this transplant and to save some for years down the road he will be admitted to the hospital.   Once admitted they will give him two days of high powered chemo and then a day of rest.  on the fourth day in the hospital they will give him his stem cells back.  This is done like a blood transfusion we have been told.  This is considered his NEW BIRTHDAY! and celebrated that day!  Then the process of watching and waiting for those to graft into his bone marrow begin.  He will feel bad during day 4 -10 or so and then start to feel better and be on the climb back to health.  After day 10 those stem cells will start making the new healthy white blood cells, red blood cells and lastly the platelets.  He will be in the hospital for about 3 weeks and then we will stay closer to the hospital for 1-3 months.  Just depends on progress and when we are released to go home from our transplant Dr.  

It is not anything we ever expected to experience or go through, but we are so grateful for the opportunity for healing.  Though the journey might not be easy, it will be worth it!  Please join us in praying that side effects will be minimal, doable. We are praying for complete healing and ultimately God's will in the journey.
We appreciate you guys thinking of us and joining us in prayer.   

Feel free to add me "Deanna Lynn Belser" on facebook (as a friend) and you will be able to see my updates, should you be interested in staying in touch with us more closely.

I will update here from time to time, but not that often during the process.  As it is going to be a busy time and I will not be in my office during this time.

I share all of this so that you know what is happening and why the studio has not really been having any events and why I have only done a few sessions during this time.  As we are heading into Halloween this next week and one of the events we always host is "Boo @ the Barn"  but... this year there will be NO BOO!  So sorry, but I know you guys totally understand.  This is always such a fun fun night, but I plan on having it again in 2020!

Also, as we end October and head into the next few months the studio will be CLOSED! just for a period of time.  I will not be able to do any sessions, orders, etc. while we are away.   I hope to be able to reopen the studio sometime in the Spring of 2020.  I will keep you posted through our facebook page, blog and here in the E-News for when I reopen the studio.

I plan on having a fun "GRAND RE-OPENING" event.  I already have some ideas and am working on putting together a fun event to kick off getting back to work.  I LOVE what I do and I love being apart of your lives and look forward to the time that my husband and I can be back in the studio.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update, thank you for your prayers, love & support!  You guys are the best!  I pray that you all have a fabulous holiday season and enjoy each and every moment, even the hustle and bustle of the season, time with friends, time with family.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow so be grateful for each day you are given. 

God Bless you all....



Meet Alaina | Venus Texas Newborn Photographer

Little Alaina came into see me and brought along her two big brothers (who I also photographed as newborns :) and she brought her Nana too.  We had so much fun getting those first family portraits with little Alaina and of course dressing her up during her session.  She did amazing and was a cuddle bug.  She totally did not mind us moving her at all.   I love how precious her session turned out.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Love these first family portraits!!  and that we could get some photos with Nana too!  Just priceless moments!

Alaina's daddy is in law enforcement.  Love that we could incorporate this into the session.  

How precious is she?!!

Love all the sets looks we were able to capture for this family.  Sweet moments to reflect on as she grows.

Thank you Williams family for allowing me to photograph Alaina and your sweet family through the years.  I look forward to watching your sweet little ones grow.

Love & Laughter -


New Studio Process | Venus Texas Newborn Photographer

New Studio Process is NOW in effect...

You can view all the info on our website at anytime or on our store site.

Instead of having a session fee, I have opted to simply have a small retainer fee.  This fee is $35 for portrait sessions and $25 for Couture Kid's photo events.  The retainer fee is something you will pay when you want to book your session, meaning that I will put your session date and time on the studio calendar and will not book anything else during that time.  This secures your custom session.

You can view and pay them by clicking here & Get more info...

The Sessions Packages are also something new.  These packages will replace our old order appointments and will now come with a private online gallery.  You will have the option to purchase all of the same great products from within your gallery and we have an online Product Guide, complete with photos, for you to view and to help you as you select products.  You can also contact me via the phone or email as I am here to do custom work and help you complete your order.  I do not want to sacrifice the custom service that we provide.  Each session Package will include 10-20 digital images, your gallery professionally retouched, and the use of our studio props and set designs.

Most of the Session Packages are $395 and that is due by your session date.  You can pay that online here at the studio upon arrival.  We will still offer a payment plan for anything additional that you purchase from within your gallery.  The payment plan is no interest.   For more info on that, simply contact me.

Our family Session Package is $495 but includes 15-25 digital images and includes several break downs for your family session.  Ex.  Your whole family, mom and dad together, children together, children individually and you can add in grandparents should you choose.

You can view and pay the Session Package online by clicking here...

Another great benefit to the gallery is that if you have family that would like to purchase from the session for themselves, they can now do that.  

We also have a new Session Package for Couture Kid's.  It is $75 and includes 2 digital images, 1 8x10 and 2 -5x7 images, as well as your private online gallery.

With all of these session packages you will simply favorite the images you want for your session package right within your gallery or you can email me the image #'s of your selections.  You will then receive your digital pass gallery that will allow you to download the high resolution images along with a personalized print release for you to use when printing your images.  

All galleries will be available within 7 -10 days of your portrait session and you will be notified via email.  Couture kid's galleries will be posted within 3-5 days (as these are much smaller sessions)

I will still continue to text you sneak peeks and share them on our social media channels within just a day or two of your session.

We also still provide our Baby Plan and This is Me programs.   These have a Retainer Fee for multiple sessions and then you get a discounted session package fee for your digital images.  You can read more about that by clicking links below....

Take a little time to explore the updated website and store site and please let me know if you have any questions.  We look forward to photographing you soon!

Love & Laughter -